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Article on about Digital Art and Culture: by Max Eternity featuring Andrew Reach & Christiane Paul, Curator of New Media at the Whitney Museum

Factory by Andrew Reach

When Andrew began doing his art out of his hospital bed, one of the ways that I inspired him to work through his severe pain was that I would say, “Someday you’re going to be in the Whitney Museum in New York.” I had put all his art on our walls in our home in Miami Shores, Fl. Little does one know what lies in their future.

This year has been filled, like many of us, with great difficulty. We were told that Andrew now has a complication to his first disease, Scheuermann’s Kyposis, which is called the Viking gene which is affecting Andrew’s left leg motor skills and muscles. With pain beyond his normal pain, which means he was beyond the pain; he was the pain. Two times this year his right leg was affected and he could not walk. With multiple shots and a tremendous amount of physical therapy, he has gotten himself back up. Living with such pain is a horrible place to be.

So Andrew and I continue with the life that we now have which is being happy for what we have and never looking back to what has been lost. The secret to life is to keep going and always to see the wonder. The magic is all around us.

We were thrilled when this article came out. Both of us laughed when we saw it. There was Christiane Paul, curator of New Digital Media from the Whitney Museum of American Art, speaking on a podcast mentioning Andrew Reach, as an example of digital art in the United States, in the same story. Life is filled with so many circles.

Bruce Baumwoll
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Digital Art and Culture: A 21st-Century Paradigm Shift

Monday 26 September 2011
 by: Max Eternity, Truthout | News Analysis
At a time when extreme, economic austerity measures are being considered and/or enacted by a number of Western governments – Greece, Spain, Germany, the US, and elsewhere – one has to wonder why, in the UK, a collective of government agencies in England have just allocated $815,000,000 for digital art and culture. Read more…

Nathan Baumwolls’ Silent Films 1929 Pt 1 – Rockaways & Long Island NY – Bocelli & Brightman

These are the Films made by my grandfather Nathan (Nat) Baumwoll in the year 1929. The Film begins with my grandfather on the roof of the great Roxy Movie Palace in New York City in build 1927.

Nathan Baumwoll was one of the people who put the sound in the Roxy and many of the movie palaces in New Jersey and New York. He comes to the United States in 1910 met by his father my great grand father Yosef Baumwoll all coming from Warsaw Poland where the family has been since 1760. He is only13 years old and only two years later my great grandfather dies at the age of 56. It was a great loss to the family.

Nathan goes to work at an early age of 15 in 1912 on the other side of the river in New Jersey for Jacob Fabian. My grandfather would begin with Fabian as a boy who turns the film as the people watched in the Nickelodeans. As Fabian’s influence grew power and wealth he opened more theaters and he need product to fill them. He began making his own films for his Nickelodeon theaters. Nat went on to become one of Fabian’s boys, and become one of the earliest projectionists on the east coast. At the same time he would begin doing the sound for some of Fabian’s movies. My grandfather would be written about in the papers of the day comparing him to the Great Belasco.

Fabian is known as one of the great men who created the great movie houses. In the end all that was owned by him and his family but a few of the theaters went on to be bought by the young Warner Brothers boys to help create Warner Brothers Studios. On some of those very early films, my grand dad did the sound. His whole life he was a projectionists. His last 20 years were at the Columbia Movie house up in Harlem.

He made his little films on the side.

Part 1
Nathan Baumwoll on top of the Roxy Movie Palace 1929
Joseph Baumwoll age 9 rowing boat
Joseph Baumwoll  with cousin David Smiloviltz at camp
Eva Smilovitz Baumwoll & Joseph Baumwoll , Minnie & David Smilovitz
The boys of the camp with Joseph Baumwoll and David Smilovitz
The Rockaways , 1929 Mannie (Moe) Smilovitz and his sister my grandmother Evelyn (Eva )Smilovitz Baumwoll saying Hi at there family house in rockaway.
Moe Smilovitz his wife Minnie and there daughter June, Eva in the back ground.At my great grandfathers houses Abram Smilovitz in the rockaways. My father Jack Baumwoll comes in he is age 4.

I am looking for old films that were taken by Nathan Baumwoll, . He had four sisters and one brother . he would often go to see his mother Bella and his sisters in Manhattan and the Bronx, taking movies of them as early as he could. Looking for these films.

Bruce Baumwoll

“Time to Say Goodbye” sung by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Song “Time to Say Goodbye” sung by Andrea Bocelli & Sara Brightman


Bruce Baumwoll