They Called Me Bruciella – A Fagella (fairy) in Edgemere

It’s been a long time in letting it go.
But the time is now. For nothing stays as it was. I hope these movies bring back fond memories for all who see this little film.

They called Me Bruciella for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how I got the name. We all have our journeys in life. It’s all about change and letting go. In the midst of that journey, like all of us, life throws us many changes. I was my mothers daughter. My family never could seem to let me just be.It really all comes down to when I wanted to be more then just Bruciella they really would not change how they viewed me. No matter what we keep changing. I had grown from Bruciella to Bruce. Part of that growth is now letting go of these wonderful movies of a place that doesn’t exist but has such a strange power over so many of us. I have always felt its all as it is meant to be. I hope you enjoy this film, I like to thank my lifetime partner Andrew Reach for all his help We are together for over 30 years now. You can read more about us at

Peace, Bruce Baumwoll
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See Edgemere thru my family movies:

  • The movie starts with me as a baby and my family. Notice my hat.
  • The boardwalk on Beach 32th Street and Fairyland Carousal – Feel the ride that felt like it would go on forever.
  • See Beach 38th street and the corner of Sprayview Ave where our house stood. It was right off the boardwalk.
  • My grandfather Nathan Baumwoll coming down the steps of our house to meet my mother.
  • A wonderful view of my father and his cab with a view up Beach 38th Street looking at the bungalows, the mansions and the elevated subway and Edgemere Avenue.
  • Mother, grandmother, great aunt and uncle walking down Beach 38th Street towards our house and the boardwalk. Notice the elevated subway in the background
  • My grandmothers in the front yard of our house at Beach 38th Street. See the bungalows and houses in the distance.
  • Rear yard of our house. Notice the large house at the entrance to our driveway that is on Sprayview. Also in the distance beyond are the bungalows coming off the boardwalk on Beach 37th Street.
  • My two grandmothers and my aunt and uncle on the front yard of our Beach 38th Street house. On the side of the porch on the back is where we ate our dinners.
  • Another scene at the Beach 38th Street house with me, my aunt and my two grandmothers.
  • The last time I was together with my aunt Martha on the boardwalk. Notice the ambience of the boardwalk.
  • The final scenes are all of the boardwalk in motion and my dear grandmother waving hello.

3 responses to “They Called Me Bruciella – A Fagella (fairy) in Edgemere

  1. Hello Bruce,

    I am a great enthusiast with regard to Rockaway and it’s past. I watched your video intently several times and I was simply “left in the past”. I can not explain how much I’ve enjoyed your presentation and all of your written notes. I do hope that in the near future there will be a part 2.

    I want to thank you for sharing your marvelous stories and the video. It was truly both informative and intriguing.

    Tony Castro

  2. Hello Bruce,

    Like Tony Castro I am also a great enthusiast with regard to Rockaway and it’s beautiful past. I watch your videos over and over again and it truly does put a smile on my face but it also saddens me to see that these wonderful times have come and gone and we will never be able to experience them. I recently went back to Rockaway Beach and it simply just isn’t the same, too much has changed. Looking across and not seeing Playland there is such a sad sight to see. Thanks again for sharing these amazing footage with us all.

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