The Baumwoll’s History in Edgemere

My ancestors at my Grandfather's house on Beach 34th Street, 1942

As I began to put together my collection of everything Edgemere, I came across a photo that intrigued me. Through the new technology and with Photoshop, I took a postage stamp size picture and blew it up. The photograph shown here was of one of the houses that my grandfather owned on Beach 34th Street about five houses from the ocean. In the photograph is some of my family. They are having one of their picnics. I recognized everyone except one young woman. On the back of the photo was names. I learned at that moment that my grandfather had four sisters I never knew about. What else didn’t I know? How did they end up in Edgemere, I began to ask myself. This set me on the path to genealogy and finding my ancestors.


2 responses to “The Baumwoll’s History in Edgemere

  1. Bruce,

    Until seeing this site, I had not heard of Edgemere. It’s amazing what can be discovered at any age, especially when it pertains to cultural heritage.

    What an exciting journey!

    I salute you on your quest!



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