Homage To The People Who Made It All Happen

Boardwalk at Beach 38th St. and Sprayview Ave: Our house was immediately off the Boardwalk on the right corner of the photo.

This is so wild. This is the first blog I ever wrote and it’s one that I have a true passion for. One of the ways that my passion was brought out was by a few great sites that are on the web. The great Far Rockaway.com created by Skip Weinstock, and Carol Marston, a couple which did not let Far Rockaway go with all its memories and for the past 15 years they have given all of us this great site. With untold steadyness it has grown to show what is the Rockaways.

One of my passions is paper, postcards and old advertisements and this is where Carol Marston’s site, More Old Rockaway Photos (which you can find on FarRockaway.com) comes in with a great collection of paper ephemera images. The images bring it all back to life.


And most of all,

To my family

I have found that most of us have no true idea where we came from and who we came from. As I have said this whole blog began with me discovering that my great grandparents their other children. Were here in america and died here and I know nothing of their lives or times , nor where they all are buried. This is how my quest began.

I hope you enjoy all that has been discovered,And all that is remembered.

Bruce Baumwoll


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