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My Favorite Cookies

The Iconic Black & White

The Mythological Cookie

Photo of Nabisco Package courtesy of Carlos Alejandro

Sunshine Toy Cookies

Life in Edgemere gave us many things. These cookies for me are the boardwalk.

These are the three that I would get at different times with my grandmother and mother as they shopped at the stores on Edgemere Ave.

We all have our stories about the black and whites. I must admit I would often give away the chocolate side. How I still love these even today.

The toy cookie card board container shown here is mine from all those years ago. I remember going up on the 38th street ramp often with all my cookies.  Seeing the colorful cookie cardboard container brings back so many thoughts of my times on the boardwalk. Our house was close to the boardwalk on Beach 38th Street and Sprayview Avenue, right on the corner. They would always tell us go take a walk on the boardwalk, but stay close. Even then I enjoyed my time alone. I can still feel my hands going along the railing of the boardwalk, and the ramp. the rhythm of the hand…the beat on the palm, And then those wonderful cookies. One of my very clear memories is sitting on the porch with my cookie, on the steps. People would be walking by to get on the boardwalk. So many happy people; they would have that extra quick step we all have when we want to get someplace.

But nothing can compare to the cookies in the blue box. Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich cookies. My grandmother would often let me walk up to the stores at the end of Beach 38th Street to buy them. To this day I can remember how they smelled when you would open up the package and then to one box where there they would be in a wonderful row.

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Edgemere & Rockaways Original Street Names

The Original Street Names of Edgemere


I had been looking for the original street names of Edgemere for the longest time. So, In 1993, when the 100th anniversary collectors addition of The Wave, Rockaways newspaper since 1893, came out, of course I had to have one and inside was article about what had happened to the naming of the streets in all of Rockaway including Edgemere. Isn’t this interesting to look at the two columns and see the wonderful names of the streets that I knew by the numbers when I was young. Also just to add, if your into postcards from the early 1900’s, this would be a guide to help you find your street.






Bruce Baumwoll

What Are Your Memories of Skee-Ball?

Skee-Ball in Edgemere

One can never forget that the boardwalk played a major role in everybody’s life there. Skee-Ball was a staple. How many of us played this game over and over hearing that special sound when all the balls are released after putting in your change? My brother and I could play for hours.

My Family in the Rockaways in 1930

My grandfather, grandmother, father and uncle in 1930 in the Rockaways

The photo shown here is of my family in 1930. It is taken somewhere in the Rockaways. The small boy in front is my father, Jack. The other boy is his older brother, Joseph. Aren’t his horn rim glasses wonderful? With them are my grandparents, Nathan & Eva Baumwoll. The first thing I began looking for in my genealogical research was my great grandmother and great grandfather on my father’s side, who up until a few months ago I knew very little about. I didn’t even know if they had made it to America. I am named after my great grandmother Bella Baumwoll and my grandfather’s older brother Samuel Baumwoll.

While I was growing up and all through my life, people who knew my my grandfather would say to me, “You know he was a motion picture operator and he put the sound in the Roxy Movie Palace in New York”. It wasn’t until all of this started to come together that it all began to be a story that is so American. A small boy (my grandfather) comes off an ocean liner to meet his father who is waiting for him. The year is 1910. The boy is 13. Within a short period of time this young man is working for the one of the pioneers of the new era of the great movie palaces. His name was J. Fabin of Union Hill, New Jersey.

So this is how my blog has begun. To discover my family’s history in Edgemere of 50 years; of the people they knew on the boardwalk and all the merchants who they did business with and had friendships with.

Edgemere is really all of ours now in our memories. It’s a place that only lives with and through the people who wish to share their times in words and photos for all of us to enjoy. None of these times will ever pass our way again. The America that was Edgemere is long gone.

The Baumwoll’s History in Edgemere

My ancestors at my Grandfather's house on Beach 34th Street, 1942

As I began to put together my collection of everything Edgemere, I came across a photo that intrigued me. Through the new technology and with Photoshop, I took a postage stamp size picture and blew it up. The photograph shown here was of one of the houses that my grandfather owned on Beach 34th Street about five houses from the ocean. In the photograph is some of my family. They are having one of their picnics. I recognized everyone except one young woman. On the back of the photo was names. I learned at that moment that my grandfather had four sisters I never knew about. What else didn’t I know? How did they end up in Edgemere, I began to ask myself. This set me on the path to genealogy and finding my ancestors.

Homage To The People Who Made It All Happen

Boardwalk at Beach 38th St. and Sprayview Ave: Our house was immediately off the Boardwalk on the right corner of the photo.

This is so wild. This is the first blog I ever wrote and it’s one that I have a true passion for. One of the ways that my passion was brought out was by a few great sites that are on the web. The great Far created by Skip Weinstock, and Carol Marston, a couple which did not let Far Rockaway go with all its memories and for the past 15 years they have given all of us this great site. With untold steadyness it has grown to show what is the Rockaways.

One of my passions is paper, postcards and old advertisements and this is where Carol Marston’s site, More Old Rockaway Photos (which you can find on comes in with a great collection of paper ephemera images. The images bring it all back to life.


And most of all,

To my family

I have found that most of us have no true idea where we came from and who we came from. As I have said this whole blog began with me discovering that my great grandparents their other children. Were here in america and died here and I know nothing of their lives or times , nor where they all are buried. This is how my quest began.

I hope you enjoy all that has been discovered,And all that is remembered.

Bruce Baumwoll

Hello world!

There once was a place called Edgemere, Long Island. My goal with this blog is to capture as many memories from the people that called Edgemere a part of their lives, along with as many photos of the streets and their many views; from Edgemere Ave. and all its stores and stories, to the vendors on the boardwalk and their truly amazing stories, and to all the summer boarders who took the town over for those few summer months. And most of all, to the families like mine who had one of those great old big houses for all those summer folks and city folks to rent for the summer. Our house was one house from the boardwalk on Beach 38th street and Sprayview Avenue. I’m looking forward to hearing from all who loved Edgemere.